Signals idea for hopscotch play multiplayer projects automatic setting text to the name of a character awesome idea long name!

Ok. So I was thinking about a send signal block and a detects signal when. So you send a signal from your iPad. You have to name the signal and select specific people who can pick it up (everyone, one hopscotcher (using their username), multiple hopscotchers, ETC). You make signals like values. You use the when "detect signal". You have to pick the signal and select how to detect it (detect the nearest one, etc). You can also create text signals. When you make a set text block and set text to (text signal), it will set the same text as the object that sent the signal (if it's sent by a non-text object, it will say it's name. Example: star girl sent the text signal and the object with set text (text signal) will say "star girl".

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Then we might be knowing the proximity of HS'ers from us which is violating the guidelines.

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It doesn't HAVE to tell you that...