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Ok. I have a game that I have been planning out and making for quite some time. I have a beta tester for it. As long as my beta tester, @Phase_Studios is alright with it, I may get 1 or 2 more beta testers. Also, I am planning my first update. This update, is all going to be up to one of you. The update adds sound effects. Once I have the first version of my game officially released, I will give you the link, you can work with anyone you want to plan out all the sound effects and the little tunes in the background. Then, you will tell me what codes you did and stuff, I will add those rules, maybe wait a bit, then publish it as the first update. Please tell me what you may want to do in the way I will demonstrate below.

song editor

I have a group of friends which I will work the sounds on with.
I will work on sounds alone
I will find some people to work on sound

I want to beta test ( only if @Phase_Studios is fine with it)

I will beta test with @Phase_Studios.


Ummmmm, @Hoppertoscotch, I am a boy. And I am fine with any other beta testers.


Ohhhhh soo sorry @Phase_Studios!! I will fix that right away!!!


@Phase_Studios, I have debugged the very noticeable bug, and the thing you should probably test the most is where I have to copy the same code like 23 times, which is the different block menu. That maybe the most possible place for a miscode. I am sorry if it isn't the game you were expecting, and thought it would be more, but it does have some code that could attract some bugs. So, what did you want me to call the project? Also, how do you get that "r" symbol?


It is an emoji, it is this :registered:, emoji.


Oh!! I never saw that before! So, you wanted me to call the project, what?


To Phase AdminĀ®, I am on a computer, use the emoji.


And put the link in a reply so I can do something.


Ok. The project is here


@Phase_Studios, how is the beta doing? Any bugs? Free to let it out to the world?


I fixed somethings, like made it so it draw the rectangles repeatedly, link is here!


Thank you, but, I don't want it to be like that really, I did on purpose so you don't waste the clones when a pet sits on your iPad or something, but is there any glitches, @Phase_Studios?


@Phase_Studios can I publish the project completely done or not? Is there any glitches blocking me from publishing it? What are the glitches? Please reply!!!