Sign_Out's Topic!


Ok guys I made this topic for ANYTHING related to hopscotch but plz don't talk anything unrelated. I will flag ANYONE with the following over long periods of time.

  • Meanful or harmful to other users
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Swearing (even joking counts!)
  • Nothing related to hopscotch or the forums
  • Spam (from you)
  • Talking about crude stuff (like terrorism!)
  • Politics (This is a forum not a debate!)
  • Religion thoughts (Everyone has their own beliefs!)
  • Not Having Fun!

Ok thx guys I really like it when you guys help me with this. If this becomes constant I will flag you. Now What are you waiting for? Go on and join my fourm!


Yay first comment on the fourm :fries:


I'm out sorry so here:

TIP: maybe don't flag every off topic thing. Tell the person who would have done it and ask them to maybe change or delete their post :wink: no need to flag unless it's constant stuff :wink:


Great! Hope I didn't sound rude or anything :slight_smile:


Great! Happy to have helped!


Hey @Sign_Out what's your name on hopscotch


His name is Sign out


Here's a link to my fav Pokemon pixel art on hopscotch


Yea ._.

Please dont spam like me, I woke up to being exitced....


Lol I'm trying to get an achievement


Agian, pls stop, I was really happy and that happened

you can still like my post, but not every one of them xD


Too bad so sad....




please stop, really. I dont like being spammed.


Fine I'll stop ;-;


hai since I have your friend code I need to play mario kart with you