"SICK" game! Must play!


We feel we need to advertise this, because you guys are very creative, this will boost your ideas, if you actually play and spend time. NoLimits is a game when you will use your imagination, basically where nothing, becomes everything.

As you can see it's literally nothing. But you really should try it out.


That's such a unique game! :D

Maybe, next time, instead of advertising your projects on all new topics, you could make a topic where you advertise all of them! :0

If you already do have a topic, then you could include them all on there, so it's easier for us to see and play them! :D

I know there are a couple of topics for advertising games that other people have made! c:

I can post the links if you want! :3


We already do, but nobody comes there anymore, we needed all of you to play this.


Have you used the OMTL yet on your advertisement topic? :3

That's a splendid way to get everyone's attention! :D

I understand that you all want us to play this game -- it's really cool! c:

It just makes it easier for us to play the game if you include everything on the same topic! c:


What's otml ._. I don't know


The "Official Mass Tag List"! c:

Here's the link to the topic. c:


i call it the purple colored amusement park with a purple sky and purple ground.

miss cheif is on the ferris wheel, chillanna is buying ice cream, and star girl is on a rollercoaster.


Sorry I'm late! That's such a cool idea and concept! Like virtual figurines/dolls 0'°…