Shuffled Numberpad Bug!


When changing the direction of an iPad (iPad Pro in my case) (from Portrait to Landscape or Landscape to Portrait) while editing a number (having the number pad shown), the numbers on the number pad shuffles in a weird way.

Here's a screenshot of the shuffled number pad:

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Alright class lets count to 9 ready go
1, 5,9 4,8,0,3,7,2,6
Class ur grounded for acting weird
XD what a weird bug Srry for off topicness


Same! :00000
This is happening to me too :0 :)
The number keys still work, and although they're in a different place, I can still type numbers and they'll work. :)


No problem XD
Hmm... I need twenty characters...


That's happened to me too!


And i've got some more bugs up my sleeve to report, only I can't remember more of them than them being related to turning your device :/


Here's another screenshot