Showered with Compliments!


Are you feeling bad? Come here! :3
Simply say why you're feeling sad, and I'll do a full investigation of your forum profile and your hopscotch profile, and shower you with compliments and praise and jokes and all kind of cool stuff.

If you're not feeling sad, congrats! Now you can be an official showerer. (Teehee). You can also have the opportunity to shower people!! (Teehee)

You know that's not what I mean. :neutral_face:

So go! And be happy! :smile:

Support Topic :D

This is awesome!!

I'll be a showerer!


Great topic!

I'm really feeling great at the moment, so I don't need showering (teehee)

It like to be a showerer though!


You are very тнσυgнтfυℓ αи∂ иι¢є. You S͎P͎E͎A͎K͎ U͎P͎ for what you believe is right. You are amazing at sports and I think with how you've been training, you'll be a gold medal winner in the Summer Olympics if you get in! (Which You WILL!)
Your trail art is amazing, and I love the burger one! It's so cute! I also like the Finding Dory pixel art. It should be F͙E͙A͙T͙U͙R͙E͙D͙!
You deserve a billion to the billionth power number ᏟᎪᏁᎠᎽᏟᎪᏁᎬs, ᏞᎾᏞᏞᎥᏢᎾᏢs, and c:'s !!!!
Now you have just been showered! :3


Oh my gosh, I literally was not expecting that ;u;

That nearly made me cry, all of those kind words that you wrote there.

I am grateful for that fren, you are going to make a lot of people very hepy!


OHMYGOSH @Candycane
See, it got Featured! :0
I told you it should be featured!
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
See, I can predict the Future!!! :0


@Hermione is liking everything. ಠ_ಠ
Would you like to be showered? :3


Feeling happy though!
I think u should use the tag list to get more ppl!


I'm out of likes! ;-;
So here's a like! :heart:

I don't know about using the tag list, I've been using it a lot in my topics now, and the rules say not to use it in a lot of your topics. I don't want to annoy anybody. :D




Reviving Topic! :D


Paragraph 2!
Your trail arts are amazing! I really like your "Lucky Background" and the "Spring Flowers" trail art! Then bunny you made is also really cute! One of my favorites is your "El Leon" trail art. It is really realistic!
Which is why you're awesome. :smile:


Since no one is sad, I'll do random nice paragraphs now. :slight_smile:


This is really kind!

Great I idea!


You're super nice, and an amazing leader! I love your trail arts and pixel arts on hopscotch so much! They're awesome! On the forum, you're showed helpful, knowledgable, nice, and you know when topics get out of hand.
That's why you're awesome.


Thank you! :heart:
I feel like the Support Topic is a duplicate of this, (this was created before), but I haven't said anything yet.


It kinda is.

It's really annoying when someone makes a duplicate, and then when they find out there's a topic like it, they ignore it.

But I think both are ok, they're a bit different...


I guess. I don't usually say anything, because I'm afraid I'll upset someone.


I think it's ok to say something. It might annoy someone, but you can't deny the truth. I was worried that someone would be upset when I posted somthing like that in another topic, but it wasn't that bad. Nothing bad happened.


Okay, I'll try. I'm a bit scared though.