Show your calligraphy!



So, this is art related
And how do I make it hopscotch related?
Maybe show it by writing your hopscotch name
Like this


We could always use Shivelight's calligraphy pad for this.


You could try to simulate your calligraphy on Hopecotch! XMM made a cool calligraphy project a few months ago, and other people have made calligraphy projects too, it would be cool to see if you could reinvent your calligraphy on Hopscotch! Nice calligraphy btw. :D


I'm gonna get a calligraphy pad soon. I'll post something den. :wink:


@ColourfulBlack, I have found a partner! (Aka someone who doesn't think calligraphy is weird lol)
I guess we could help each other a super cool calligraphy pad? I would post some of mine, but I'm afraid that my writing is too messy ;-;


Wow! That looks amazing! :scream::yum:


I'll post it in 2 year... I don't even know how to set up the pens!