Show Your Best HS/Forum Moments! (Contests Included)



This is how it works:
You post all of your best HS moments, and (hopefully) every week I will make a dividing post where I list the top 3 best moments of that week!
I hope this won't become competitive, this is just a cool thing I came up with and decided I'd add in top 3 lists every week!
Now, here is the thing:
In week 1, you get to list all moments in your coding and foruming history you can think of.
But all of the weeks after that, you can only post moments that have happened within that week!

Moment Form

Forum or Hopscotch moment?:
Proof (Screenshots, links to projects, posts, ect):
Description Of Moment:

Let The Week 1...BEGIN!!




My best moment will be in two days. It's my anniversary!



Idk.... November second when I got featured?



Can I do more than one form?


Yes, @MelodiousParrot


I'll just do one because I'm to lazy. I edited the old one​:slight_smile:


I need to talk to you @MelodiousParrot


Uhh what's going on here X(D


I just need help on something


@PrincessBunny1 oh! Okay!
Here is a suggestion though:
To stay on topic, you could talk about this on a topic that will be related. :wink:


I cannae choose :open_mouth:


Added some kewl tags :3


U really love adding tags and u're right they're cool or kewl


I do luv making and adding kewl tags
It's the beauty of being Regular! :D


@Themasterofairjitzu can you fill out the form please?