Show variable in IOS


I am using the iOS version of Hopscotch. I want to set text to a variable and can't seem to do it. Is this possible?

If not it would be a hugely valuable feature addition. Showing variables would make it much easier to show kids what is going on inside their programs as they execute (i.e. A pseudo debugger)


I'm pretty sure if you get a Set Text block, the option to input a value should show up? Is there no tab or anything that allows you to put in a value?

If not, I remember that you should be able to take a Value bubble from a different tab and drag-and-drop it into the slow for text.


Yes, you can


There is only an IOS version, and use the line with dot icon in the set text block.


Yes that worked. Thanks for th help all. I didn't notice that button on the toolbar.


You can also copy and paste variables into other slots – just tap twice on a variable, then the Cut | Copy menu should come up I think. :smiley:

And then you can paste it into a Set Text block Actually, I just tested it and it turns out the Set Text block is a case where it doesn't work :( — the menu flashes and disappears before you can tap Paste.