Show Me Around?



Hey, I'm new, and could you explain a little about the forum? I play Hopsoctch, but just joined this and have no idea where I am or what I'm doing. :slightly_smiling: I hope you can tell me a bit like: what is collabs? Can you give me any tips on how to code?

-- MC_Coder xx

  1. Collab is short for collaboration, which means working togethef on something.

  2. I think a tip is to look in the code of other people's projects.


Get help, collaborate, and share tips about making games and coding in the Hopscotch Forum! Just remember to be Hopscotch-related and remember not to share your personal information. That includes your email, last name, a d d r e s s, school name, etc.

A "collab" is a short word for collaboration. A collaboration on the forum is when you and other hopscotchers join together to create a project.

You can explore Hopscotch and look at projects that you like! If you're inspired, why not create a project like that? But, you can also give credit!

You can play with the blocks when you're coding and maybe you'll create an awesome project. You may even be able to discover new things!

I hope this helped and have fun on the forum!


Here is a round
◎ it's round and circular


@ with someones user and it invites them to the topic for ex.
@Follow4LikesOfficial (sorry f4lo did the first @ tht came up)


◎The search button is to search questions and topics. A question you have might already be a topic so you could search for it.
◎The thing with the lines in a stack show the latest, unread, new and more. To get it to go way tap on something or tap/click it again.
◎When you tap/click your profile picture your some of your notifications, a logout button, a bookmark button, a settings icon, and your name show. Tapping your name goes to your profile, taping the settings button brings you to your settings, you can go straight to your notifications with tapping/clicking the veiw notifications, the bookmark icon goes to your bookmarks, and the logout button does what it says.
◎You can create a topic by tapiing the create a topic which will pop up a thing for you to create one. You can check out other topic by taping on the name.
◎The hearts on someone's reply/comment is a like button. You can also bookmark it or reply to it.
◎Taping/clicking Hopscotch kinda refreshes the page.
◎When you reply to something you can upload a picture, gif or video. You can also add emoji if your on a computer and other stuff.
◎A collab is short for collaboration (if you didn't know already) Its where you can make a project with other/fellow hopscotchers so you can join one or make your own.


Thx! I kind of know how to explore now xx


I'll Invite The Moteraters


Can tap stuff like @t1_hopscotch and it will bring up you to there profile by the way t1_hopspctch is a moneter!


If it says you must put 20 characters do this without any spaces
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A fun place to have fun. Also very good to get into collaborations.