Show Hopscotch To YOUR School!


FToday I asked my teacher if I could show the class hopscotch. I told her the website, and she says she'll check it out! Squeeeeee! I'll show them my Ice Cream Maker Game, to show them what I've made, and @Madi_Hopscotch_'s Magic Colour Box game to show you can see other peeps projects too. Why don't you show it to YOUR school! :DDDDDDDDDD
Sign here if you're interested:
@ThePickle: This would be a great way to advertise Hopscotch!
@smishsmash: Most of my school already knows about it but I'll try to promote it more!
@OnceUponATime: Same as @smishsmash- my school knows about it, but most of my classmates just publish remixes. Maybe I can try and talk them into creating some original content?
@Sensei_Coder: Great idea! I'm one of maybe 3 kids in my grade who has Hopscotch (we had it in 4th grade). Maybe I'll get them back into it again! :
@TheGreenBanana: my school= me, sister. No advertising options. ;-;
@TheRealBlah:My school isn't interested. And can you play some of my projects?
@Potter_Head same as @OnceUponATime
@kaykay no. Hopscotch is a safe spot and I have like five different classes


Pleh XD

My teacher was the one who introduced Hopscotch to us kids :PP


I have eight classes, theres no reason to do that for me. If I were to show it I dont think anyone would care :p
plus im not a walking ad
If theres any reason otherwise to convince me, do it now!
But I do think its cool



But I was the only kid in my class who really cared about it


Maybe show it to your friends after, and between school? :000 :DD


I actually told my friend about HS, and she didn't care. XD


I invited @KVJ to this topic xD


All of my friends know it!
Thats why im on here!
But only like two of them use it.


Wow thank you soooo much!!:blush:
When you show them HS, tell us what they thought! Tag me, I would be interested to know! :smiley:


I might also show them FrumpyEwok's Harambe thing. The boys love him.


You're welcome xD
It should be added to Game Changers...


:0 :0 :0
Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you like, it! :blush:


haha no that's not happening half my friends are popular :upside_down:


You're welcome again xD
Wasn't the subscription compared to your game?



If there popular that doesn't me you can't show HS!


Yeah, who knows, maybe your popular friends already use HS.......


The subscription was compared to my game? What does that mean? :stuck_out_tongue: :0


How Hopscotch needs money.


I dont have any friends


I just hang out with the outcast!


Someone found hs in my class