ShoutOuts or Notices in your profile/Bio!



Hey Everyone!!
So, sometimes I give a shoutout or a few kind words to someone in my profile! I'm sure someone else here does too! So i thought, why not make a topic so people can check your profile to see a shoutout or a few kind words! This can also go for notices so like for my profile i have #Vacation because I'm on vacation so I might want other to see it! Please do NOT post the FMTL. :D Okay Peace.


Yeah, I started puting random shoutouts in my bio a little while ago! :D


@Dude73 @stradyvarious @smileyalyssa @Lotsapizza check my bio.


I like your black/white forest background
Is that what the shout out was for?


The shoutout was for you always being their for me even when It felt like everyone was against me.


Oh ok . Thanks​:wink::blush:

Because of the time differences I don't know what goes on while I'm asleep




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