Shoutouts on Hopscotch! (Weekly)



Hello, this is just a shoutout section. I will do shoutouts on every project I make on Hopscotch! To get 'shoutout'ed, just post your Hopscotch username and tag me! (I pick randomly)


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Hopscotch is helpful for people who want to code the first step. No typing. That is later. Hopscotch kind of prepares for java script and all that. On Hopscotch, a kid friendly app, you can make new friends and you have endless possibilities when you make projects!

@FoodDelivery HS Username: Spiralling Unicorn


Thanks so much, but i edited my topic so you now no longer need to answer questions!:grinning:


Hopscotch Name: WinningMonkey


Candycane :lollipop:



HS username: Digits Of Pi


My sister's username: Feather Pillows





@FoodDelivery Username:Hamburger​:hamburger:



Komplett2 iPhone

Both 'cause why not :stuck_out_tongue:


I know Python and I also know a very small amount of Ruby. JavaScript is really hard xD


@FoodDelivery can you make it so then you have to do something or a competition to get the shoutout? Just a suggestion :smiley:


I'll think about, thanks though


I opened up a javascript book once. 1 hour later I decided to work on HTML again instead :p.


It took you an hour to find out that JavaScript is hard? xD

This is a JavaScript book that I have:

It has instructions for making games, which is not the purpose of JavaScript.


no lol I just spent a while trying to figure stuff out before I gave up


When I was learning HTML (I'm still horrible at it, but at least I can make links!), I wated to learn JavaScript, but it was too hard. CSS is also hard.


CSS isn't too much of a problem for me, mainly because I use it only enough to make my web page look okay.