Shoutout's list!



I am making a project with a big list of shoutouts! It's for Valentine's Day, and it is also the day to make someone's day! :stuck_out_tongue:

The shoutouts will be a surprise, so no asking for sneak peeks. I will include:

  1. Shoutouts to people on the forum (yay)

  2. Awesome coders

  3. Amazing artists

  4. Nice hopscotchers

You can even nominate hopscotchers! But there name can't be inappropriate or rude. And credit to @Intellection74 for the idea.

Happy Valentine's Day!


I nominate ihasfluffycupcakes and orangescent and lotsapizza because they're so nice and I nominate poptart0219 for being so hardworking.


i nominate Kiwicute for being so kind and nice! shes always willing to help others


I nominate snowgirl studios for always being there for me and her art is awesome


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cool! I'm adding them right now!


Thanks! :D


I'm always the last one to be picked for everything...


Don't worry @BlueOrangeFangio you might still be in the list since most of the shoutouts are for people on the forum


I nominate randomowlsLC (beat @OrangeScent1 to it)


I made the list! Link:


good job!! this will truly make peoples day!


Two things:
1. You didn't use my Hopscotch username :wink:
2. You didn't include MagmaPOP :disappointed_relieved:


I am doing something exactly like this I planned it for weeks it's where on Valentine's Day we share shoutouts with each other! Great minds think alike!


she said there wasn't room for everyone


"great minds think alike"? that's the title of a Big Nate book! do you read Big Nate?

On topic: uhh... it's Valentine's day today... :stuck_out_tongue:


I read one of them I am more into diary of a wimpy kid! BOT


I nominate @Snoopy they are so nice