Shoutouts List 😃


(glitchy forum. This is in help again)
I made a Shoutouts project today and they are for
But I forgot to add @friendship2468 and @OrangeScent1
Here's the project-
Sorry for those I forgot to add! You're all awesome!
Everyone on Hopscotch is awesome!


THANK YOU SO MUCH1!1!1!1!1!1

Temmie aproves. XD


Thanks!! U be so kind!



Tem cunfirm3d


Don't you think that some people get sad or mad because their name isn't on that one shoutout list that you wish you could on (me) but no offense some people deserve it.


Sorry, I never thought about that. :grimacing:
Everyone is awesome, though.
These were just a few people I wanted to recognize.
I'm sorry! (I don't want this to turn to drama)


No I'm sorry it's not your fault at all I'm just a baby that complains so not your fault sorry


Don't be sorry! It's ok :slight_smile:


Thanks your so nice I get it though shoutout lists are nice to those people


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It's not all the popular people. It's people who are nice, excellent coders, etc. People don't do shout outs just to famous people because they are famous but you get famous by making amazing projects. Some of these people this person wants to shout out to because maybe they love their projects! All projects are good though! Remember people don't choose popular, it comes wether they want it or not :slight_smile:


Im sorry :pensive:
I could just have someone delete this topic if it's causing too many problems.


@Kiwicute2016 do you have the ability to delete topics? If so, can you delete this one please?


Shoutout are ok! :D