Shoutouts For Anyone



Think a project is downright good? Know any fabutastic (fabulous and fantastic word mix) hopscotchers? Reply! Have the link or the hopscotchers name. If it rules, they will get a shoutout!


@SmileyAlyssa and her emoji draw!


I love it! I will. You will have credit, don't worry!!!!!!!!!


Thanks! :smile:


No seriously! It rules! You are definitely one of my favourite hopscotchers! Thanks for the follow and the likes too!


I have so many shout outs to give....
@Bananadog for being such a great friend
@SmileyAlyssa for being kind and nominating me for featured
@RubyWolf1 for being the most supporting person ever
@RenegadeBird1 for being a great friend
@GoBroncos for being able to cheer everybody up
@PeriwinkleElephant for being my friend at times when I need it
@CreativeCoder for being supportive and helpful and awesome
@AHappyCoder for being super fun and helpful
@Kiwicute2016 for being a really awesome moderater
@BuildASnowman for ending a lot of the bot wars
@PopTart0219 for never giving up during bot wars and other problems
@Follow4LikesOfficial for being an awesome leader
(I have more coming)