Shoutouts ! Big thank you to



I just wanted to say a huge thank you to these hopscotchers.
@LotsaPizza for inspiring drawings and always being kind.
@OrangeScent1 for her awesome art and friendly personality.
@LazyLizard for her hard work and never giving up.
@Snoopy for her awesome projects and good ideas
@Ihasfluffycupcakes for great projects and cool drawings.
@DancingLollipop for always supporting people and being nice.
@RubyStars for always trying her best and being happy.
@SmileyAlyssa for awesome pixel art and cool projects.
@SmilingSnowflakes for creative ideas and being a good friend.
@Fifithefunnyflower for never giving and being so kind.
@PopTart0219 for her great drawings and cool quizzes.
@t1_hopscotch for being super nice and creative.
@AHappyCoder for amazing games and being friendly.
@Rawrbear for making awesome projects and being fun.
@Kiwicute2016 for unique ideas and great projects.
@Crazy_Crawfish for cool drawings and amazing games.
And to YOU for awesome projects and being nice.


Thanks for mentions me!


Thank you @Sprinkles7! You are awesome too. But there is already a topic for this, so next time, post it there!


Thanks! Your super nice and make awesome projects!


Aww, thats really nice! Thanks for mentioning me, I love you stuff to!
(!!!!) I can't like, but welcome to the forum!


Wow thanks ! I love your work!


Okay! As I told another person I'm kinda new with this forum stuff sorry :sweat_smile:
Next time I will. Thanks for the tip. :smile:


It's ok! Just make sure to check that your topic is unique before posting! :wink:


Thanks! I will.


OMG! You're on the forum!!!! Aahh yay hihihi!
Lol sorry xD


Thank you! I had no idea you liked my pixel art!


Thank you! Your art is awesome, and your coding projects are amazing! You are really nice! :D


I do ! Your pixel art is fantastic.
My favourite is probably your dog. :wink:


Also, welcome to the forum @Sprinkles7! I love your work!


Thanks again! I love your work! I'm so happy you joined the forum!


Thanks ! I always thought of you as a friend! Even back when you were IFluffyMonkeys! I have always loved your projects so keep up the good work.


Who are you in Hopscotch cause I can't find any Sprinkles7


Thanks a lot! Your projects are great as well! You definitely deserve a bunch of follows!


I am Sprinkles 7 :lollipop: On hopscotch


Aw Thanks you deserve billions of likes. I love your pixel art too! :wink: