Shoutouts and Kindness!



Hi guys! So I wanted to give out a bunch of shoutouts and ■■■■■■■ something else as well. First, the shoutouts:

Booksandmusic- a very good friend and a creative imagination!! Thank you!

@t7lks- for being a great artist and a good friend (also a patient person!) to me! Thank you so much!

WingedCat- For staying stong when things go wrong! Helped me a ton and trudges though! Thank you as well!

@Serenity (SereneSapphire)- for being a great artist and.... Just being a good role model! Thank you!

Chocola-ta-ta-ta~ - (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) for being my role model. I look up to her for my artwork and courage. She has and is going though a lot. I really truly thank her!

CaptainJellyfish- CJ left, but I will still take the time to thank her. CJ was one of my very good friends and very supportive to me and helped my pull though with all my problems. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

And finally-
Everyone who has ever Hopscotched. They tried, they succeeded. They did what they could and shared themselves to us. So this is to everyone who ever tried- succeded or failed, was kind or mean, remixed or created- Thank you

Ok, now the other thing:
I want to create a account that is all positive. That anyone can go to for help or support. Where we show our kind side. If you are interested than please comment! Thank you so much!


Great topic! I'm sure you are making people happy by giving hem shoutouts!


i thought there was already a topic for all this sunshine and happiness but okay


Do you not laik sunshine and happiness?!


Well, I guess she's making another :D



Hi! I didn't know that you were on the forum!
makes mental note
Thank you, and you're welcome! I feel honored to be mentioned by an awesomely cool Hopscotcher like yourself!