Shoutout topic!



This is a topic where you can give shout outs to lots of different people ! I am mainly going to post mine here , but you can too if you want to !

Some of my shoutouts go to ....

And sooo many more !

You can also but down reasons why you are giving them a shout out !

Eg . @PopTart0219 for bring awsome and being a cool friend !


I think this has been done before :wink:


Who cares ! It is still fine !


We shouldn't have duplicate topics…

If you want to make this a topic where you post just your shoutouts then that should be fine


But otherwise this topic is already there


Ok but if people want to make shouts here they can !


Thanks for the link !


No prob! If you're planning to make this your shoutout topic then I suggest changing the top post so people don't get confused and say what I did :wink:


I already have ! Thanks for the help @kvj !


Oh, great!! Happy to help anytime fren!


Thanks for the shoutout!!!


Your welcome fren ! You deserve it !


Thanks so much (again)!!


Your welcome again !


Thanks for the shoutout!


No this is now for @Silverdolphin's shoutouts


Your welcome !


My shout outs this week go to ......



Thank you! :heart:


Thank you so much! ;u;