Shoutout topic! 🎙



this s a topic for shout Outs! Tell people why they deserve shout outs here!
No negative replies please!
Here are mine:

@SmileyAlyssa- you are one of my role models. You are so nice and helpful.

@tankt2016- you are also really helpful, and a great coder!

@GamerGirl111- I look up to you on hopscotch!

@LazyLizard- because you stayed strong and nice even after what happened with your editable post!

@SmilingSnowflakes- you always help everyone with coding and your really nice!

@PopTart0219, @Anonymous, @Kiwicute2016- you guys are the bot fighting squad! Thanks for helping the community, and being great role models!

@SnowGirl_Studios- your awesome and you inspire me!

That's all for now! I will add all my shout outs here!

Make sure to also give other people shout outs in the replies!
This is a topic for everyone!

Post Shoutouts here! :D
Post Shoutouts here! :D
Shoutout topic!
Shoutout topic!




Wow…I came to this topic because it looked cool and I didn't look at my notifications before! But thanks!


@Anna10 you are awesome


No problem! I really look up to you!


@everyone is amazing!


Agreed! I was just about to edit my post and give you a shoutout!


Thanks! :blush:


Thank you! :D


Thanks for the shoutout!! Its making this 5 hour drive not seem so bad!


Thanks so much!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: this means a lot!!!!


Revive because so many people are making shoutout topics and this was the first one, posts hour puts here! :smiley:


Reviving with my magic... Anyway, shoutout to... nixi21! he/she is a great coder with no attention! Go check them out!


Some of my shout outs go to



Thanks so much again!


Thank you! :D



@EmeraldKittyCat Omg that drawing tho
@smishsmash For being an awesome senpai!
@TheGreenBanana For being a great person!


Thank you! :D


Thank you! :D


Thank you so much!