Shoutout to Zencloud! New user!


Hi everyone! There is a new user named Zencloud on hopscotch! He is my brother who just got hopscotch. He is working on learning to code! (He's younger) He is trying to watch the videos and make projects, and it would mean a lot to me and him if you could check out his projects. Remember, he's new and young, and doesn't know a lot about hopscotch!
Thanks everyone!


Yay! Are you going to help him out?


Yah! I've been helping him all morning on a tapper game, but he made and published his first project by himself! (It was a logo thing)


Yeah! I saw it!


Omg he was like freaking out when you followed him! He loves your projects! (Even tho he's new, I've shown him some Hopscotchers before so he knew about you!)
Thanks so much!


Here is a logo for him!
(This is the first time someone freaks out when I follow them)


I think I followed the right person. :smile:


Thanks so much! He loves it!


Does he want anything else? I can make it for him.


No he's good, but thank you SOOO much! He is so happy right now!


I started following him! You should introduce him to the forum soon!


Thanks! I might help him make a forum account!


Hey, he made a quote on hopscotch, and he wants to make more! He was wondering if you had any quotes or pictures that he could hopscotchify!


Oh, sorry for late reply, I'll go get some!



Thanks so much! He'll start working on them!


He is pretty good for a new Hopscotcher; did you teach him how to code before he got an account?


“Never give up. If you do give up, you will never achieve your goal.”
– tankt2016

I searched to see if anyone else said that and Safari came up with 2 search results. Literally. :joy:


Ya, I taught him some things!


Show him the hopsoctch forum!


OMG new person!!!! Must follow!!!!