Shoutout To William04GamerA!



I'm going to give a shoutout to @William04GamerA! I follow him, and he inspires me so much! Check out his channel right now! :smiley:

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Cool! I am going to follow and spam like him/her now! :smile:


Not really possible to spam-like the account, there's only a few amazing projects!
EDIT: Wrong topic.


Wow. This made my day. And smilingsnowflakes is also following me. This day is amazing.


You deserve it, your projects are so awesome! :D


Thanks! Your projects are really awesome too!


He's a nice guy. I like him. He's pretty inspiring. Nice topic


Wow he sounds like a nice person. He's just trying to fix the world one hop of hopscotch at a time. Awesome.


Thank you so, so much!


Nice username. Maybe you should follow him and check him out you know


The truth is the truth


Thank you so so much!


No thank you for helping someone have that touch of hope in their life to know that someone cares and that someone who cares is you William!


His projects are awesome! :D

They are very well designed, and are helpful (HSBs, etc.) and inspiring (all his projects) too!

He is also very nice. :D

You're awesome, @William04GamerA! :D
Thank you for the shoutout! :D


You deserved it very much! My day can´t be better. Or wait. Another great post. Wow


Okay, right now I am super happy! Everybody who replies here makes me super-inspired! Thanks!


Just keep making everyone happy because I know that all of us are happy with you and what you're doing.


Of cource! I will never quit, I will keep up the good work!


Thank you for everything


About Hsb:s. Two things: If you want a color, just reply and I will make it.
And, check my thread about Hsb colors!