Shoutout to... Mastermind Creations!



Mastermind Creations!!

You should definitely check him out for GREAT projects!
Some of his awesome music are:
Hanging Tree
How to save a life
Someone like you
Some of his awesome models
Cosmic Cody
A request
Another request
Some of his awesome logos and text art
Pittsburgh Steelers logo
Google Drive logo
Chevrolet logo
The Hopscotch Forum
Domino's Pizza logo
Chicago Cubs logo
Beats logo

And so much more!

This took me a while to make so check him out!


I know I've said this a million times, but that Our Avatar project is not theirs.


Really? Then who really made it?


Me. I published a project called Our Icon that was the exact same thing before them and they created the same project later and called it Our Avatar


Oh well he should give you credit! I'll delete it off the post


No you don't have to. They probably didn't even know I made it.


Oh well I did anyways :yum: