Thank you sooo much @tankt2016, @friendship2468, @readingpolarbear, @Fun_in_the_Sun for the help on the collab now let's have a big finish.


I couldn't do anything last night I had to go to bed and my iPad wasn't working very well but when I can I will finish helping you guys.


No problem take your time as long as you do something for credit


Okay I made it so when you tap town you have to escape the illuminati by poking its eye five times...


I've been working on it and I've got up to them going to town, they've already got out of the house and dodged the fans. Can you see it @cool @friendship2468 @Fun_in_the_Sun and @tankt2016?


I knew I've added a bunch of cool stuff too.


Can you see it, I can't see what you have added @friendship2468


Thank you soooo much for all you've done, and I hope you know I mean what I say


Ok last step is to get to the play and win then we're done


Oh and you might want to shorten the time a bit


That was just so I could try out all aspects of the game and it didn't end the game...