Shoutout Suggestions


Hey! I am now making shoutouts for those who is good at coding and is not really been given attention. I'll start tomorrow and I'll put the name of the one who suggested the shoutout in the bottom-right corner. (And hopefully, make a fan-made logo for the nominated one if I like his/her work)

The names inside this list are the ones who are already been given a shoutout from me.

• DestructionCat
• JoshballChez


I nominate BellieBoo :cat: And GlitteryUnicorn :unicorn:

My name is also Dude73 in HS


Thanks for suggesting! I'l look into their profiles and if I liked their projects, I might give them shoutouts, and put your name that you suggested them. Thanks!


Maybe OrEndA, RobotPro, GlitterKitty, Dancing Lollipop, RubyWolf☆, SoBit 4 Now, LotsaPizza :pizza:, ones like that, etc.


I gave one shoutout :slight_smile:

[And sorry guys if I didn't like even one of your suggestions, I'm really sorry]


Maybe RawrBear or RubyWolf?


Joshball Chez?


@Follow4LikesOfficial Um..... Maybe? I am looking for those who aren't been giving much attention for their good projects but anyways, I'll look forward to him!


He is an awesome programmer, and deserve more attention!


@SnowGirl_Studios I saw Rawrbear's features and trending projects, so, I'd rather not (Sorry, @Rawrbear) but I'll look at RubyWolf's account.


That's alright!

DISCLAIMER: I don't need a shoutout! Practically everyone on the app already knows me! :wink:


I love your confidence, and you might be right. But please keep on learning! If someone thinks "I am the best" they lack in creating new ideas!
There are like more than 500k people who have hopscotch I think o_O


Well yeah, not everyone! And if that sounds like bragging, sorry! I'm just trying to say that I don't need a shoutout! And yes, I'm still learning! :wink:

I don't even know how to use powers yet lol


@Follow4LikesOfficial Did one for Joshball Chez!


Powers as in the ^? And a shoutout is always nice! Even if you are popular (you are) it always feels nice. Unless you are shoutoutphobic.


True! To be honest, I still don't really need one! Save the shoutouts for the people who need them the most! :smile:


shotoutphobic?.... never mind...


Random word I made up on the spot


Shoutouts101: Go check out BobMcBoberton! They're awesome!!
BobMcBoberton: AAH NO D: (hides in closet)


wonderful word!
Me: Can it be added in the dictionary?
Dictionary person: No go away
Me: Please
Dictionary Person: No Go away
F4LO: Please its a good word
Dictionary Person: No GO AWAY:
Me: Fin -hmpf-