Shoutout requests by me!


So as u know I have a shoutout topic!! Link:
And now I am running out of shoutouts to give so I'm starting shoutout requests!
U can request a shoutout here and I will give u it on my shoutout topic!
And if u request it when I'm off the forum or when I'm sleeping or at school and If I don't reply don't worry I will give u it when I can ok!!!
And u can request a shoutout twice but not twice in a row!


I nominate @XxLuckyxX for being enthusiastic about my company!


Wat are u talking about??'
There is no nomanating here!!


Oh... Then what are you talking about?


I think it was meant to be a request?


Like this
Example: can u give me a shoutout in your shoutout topic?!
Like that I guess!


Any shoutout requests??!!!






Can someone give me a request?!
List (100 tags)
Get the latest list here: link


Can I nominate a shout out to @Lisa1045 for being an amazing friend !




Thank you!!!! :3


Your welcome !!!!!!!!


:3 :3 :3 (sorry for late reply)


Hello anyone else want a shoutout in my bio and genral topic?!


@PaigeysFriends anyone have a request

Also @XxLuckyxX shoutout to you (requested by @Work_kids_coding)


Can u give a shoutout to @Silverdolphin and @ Work_kids_coding for being super amazing?
(I didn’t tag Work_kids_coding bc he was already tagged here)


Shoutout to everyone!
Even though you probably want me to be specific XD


I request you a shoutout to @WaterFlame and @BB-Box! :slight_smile:


I request a shoutout to LazyLizard and SmishSMash