Shoutout powouts (new Game Show!)


Welcome to the game show Shoutout Powouts where you will have a chance to earn RexerCoins (Which is my money where you can buy drawings and codes and stuff from me) All you will have to to is ...

How to earn Rexercoins on Shoutout Powout!

How you can earn points is you give shoutouts to people on forum that are important to you and if they respond and they tag someone else then you will earn 1 Rexercoin!

RexerCoin Counter

@LemonPop9 -1 Coin
@BellaWafflez17 -2 Coins
@RexersHexers -1 Coin
@Sweetlina -1 Coin


Cool idea!
Shoutout to @LemonPop9, he's really nice and an amazing person :3


I'm a Boy :slight_smile:
Thank You So much @BellaWafflez17, you brightened my day :smiley:


You're welcome! You deserved it :3


So, people earn coins when people give them shoutouts?


yes @BellaWafflez17 you will get RexerCoins


awesome :3
wait, then why did @lemonpop9 get coins instead of me?


You get one too! just wait a second!


I would like some Coins too so i shoutout my inspiration and my favorite ever to be born person alive ! @Hoppertoscotch!


@LazyLizard you are awesome and I love your profile picture!


@RexersHexers thanks so much!