Shoutout of the week #2



Hey guys, since it's Monday, welcome back to other..... shoutout of the week! this weeks shoutout goes to.......
bubblegum cucake mix! Congrats!

She was nominated by @DancingLollipop.

She does some pretty cool art and code, and has her own drawing pad.

But wait --- that's not all! She is hosting a draw an eye contest with good prizes!! You better enter soon and draw the eye as good as possible and you might win!

So that's all for shoutout of the week, and please reply and nominate someone who you think shout be shoutout of the week next! Bye!



I think Creations of A Noob should be next... He does really cool stuff...


I think @Rawrbear, even though he cannot play Hopscotch. He has amazing stuff on his channel thingy, mcbobber thingy.


(Insert Justin Bebier voice) what do you mean??? :upside_down:


Just saying that I don't know what they call your profile, wait what?! Well it is called a profile then. Lol


just need a few more nominates!