Shoutout chain game!


@anonymous inspired me with all his chain games!

How this works, is people will tag people and give them a shoutout. Then, if you're tagged, you should give someone a shoutout! I'm doing this to spread positivety! Remember, anyone can give a shoutout, and if you're tagged and given a shoutout, help spread positivity by then giving someone else a shoutout!

Only positive things
Try to give shout outs to people who haven't already gotten one
Have fun!


I want to make this topic big so everyone gets a shoutout at one point!

Everyone deserves one!

FRiendly tag list



@treefrogstudios, you are an AWSOME friend, artist, and coder :D


Shoutout to @tankt2016 for being really awesome!



Shoutout to…
@Unknown2016 for being a good coder, though unknown (obviously) and withstanding it!


This is amazing!

I give a shoutout to @SnowGirl_Studios for being an amazing friend! :smile:


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Ok, I meant Friendly Mass Tag list. I'll change it!


Instead of using FML, use FTML.



I give a shoutout ti @Dude73 for being so supportive and an amazing friend!