Shouting-out Lesser Known Art!


If this gets flagged, I don't care. I'm in awe.
Some drawings I've seen lately are awesome, and yet they haven't gotten any attention.

A lot of people have talked about not being popular enough, etc., and etc.; I think that we need to acknowledge the people that don't constantly get on Trending.

And I have found quite a few that need shouting-out. As I'm sure most Hopscotchians have.

This is the topic just for that.


*hopscotchers :stuck_out_tongue:


K then...
But popularity ain't that important.


To start off:

Possibly a bit biased, I know. But do you see that strobe shading oh my COD

The link:


Wat drawing? o_0


Art, and code, both take lots of time and energy. My most recent drawings took about three hours each, and I know some people whose drawings take even more.

I feel that people should receive at least some sort of recognition for their hard work.


8 likes in 56 mins is actually quite a lot tho​:stuck_out_tongue:


Edited it. I have no idea what I was thinking when I typed that XD



Yes I always wanted this :D

I wish there was a discover tab to find more hopscotchers :0


I'm sorry. I'm really sorry if I seemed like a braggart.

crawls into corner


There's blood on the hockey stick, should I be afraid? XD
Yas I should shouldn't I?


It's The Second Player for Canada... Yes you should be afraid, heh.

i really am hetalia trash aren't i


Wot no, it's fine!!
I never meant it in a attacking way​:heart:

This is the thing online, you can't really see the person's facial expressions, even with emojis​:thinking:


Yeah, talking online is pretty complicated, to get your emotions across without having to write paragraphs and paragraphs of text...

i feel like this topic is a waste of space but i still feel proud of it somehow