Shout Outs to my followers!


To all of the people have followed me, you have me made me even more happy and make me more confident that I can make anything possible in Hopscotch! I realized that @SnowGirl_Studios, has recently followed me. I feel like I am getting more noticeable in Hopscotch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also, thank you for all the support.


Maybe it's because of the forums! :wink:


I think it is! All I want to be is a great coder on Hopscotch and have fun and make games with other Hopscotchers!!!!!


@t1_hopscotch, I am wondering, do you follow me? I don't care, I do care is that if I am good at coding, and you are great too!


If you go on her channel, it will say if she's following you or not!


@Phase_Studios Hi i really enjoy your projects. your a really good hopscotcher and an even better coder. I love how your not afraid to try a new code and show the world. I love how your coding is a inspiration and I love how your never afraid to help others..
That's what makes a great coder with a awesome hopscotch personality inside!
:smile: :smiley:
I normally don't do my full but...
-SnowGirl Studios :snowflake: :zap:


I started to follow you !!


Ahhhhhh, why thank you @SnowGirl_Studios! Plus, I love enjoying helping people. I have a youtube channel if you have noticed that. I have made a 3D tutorial if you want to know how to do it!!!! Here is the link for my youtube channel!!!!!!!!


i'll check it out right now
edit: I like it


Why thank you so much!


if you ever need help or something just @ me on here or remix one of my projects