Should you share your age and where you live?


Is it bad to share your age or where you live? Do you share your age or where you live? Just wondering.


You can share your age, but where you live is too much personal info :D

You can say the country, and in America the state, but not the addres.s ;)


Oh ya not the adr.ess.....




You can share your age if you're comfortable with sharing it, but you don't have to if you don't want to.

I think it's okay to share which country you live in as long as it's not very small. I would be careful about saying your state, though. Definitely don't share your city or address!


So saying NYC is bad...


They've said it all lol. Age is fine to share - up to you if you wanna or not.

Location: try and be vague. If your town has like 200 people, don't share. If you live in New York which has like gajillions of people, it's probably okay to share :wink:


If you want people to rob you... so no .-.

but state is ok I think


I guess that's okay, because NYC is a large city with lots of people, but just be aware that anyone on the forum (logged in or not) can see your posts. :)


Planet, continent, country, and state is ok. Not town, street, or house number. Unless you live on Main Street. Jk, probably not even if you live on Main Street. Age is fine.


But there are only 5 boroughs.... so if you search the ip ad.ress... check the meta data


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because if one person says yes another might say no. u get it so i want opinionssss because opinions = :cookie::cookie::cookie: = moneys in a race for cookies.....


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im in cali which all my frens know and pretty sure senpi rawber knows


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