Should you bring ur phone to school? Yes or no I think yes because if anything like and emergency or something else that is important and needs a phone u have one handy



Should you be allowed to bring ur phone to school????


Maybe relate this to HS! Because on the forum, every topic must be related. :wink:

Maybe make a project about cell phones and why you think they should be allowed or not allowed. :slight_smile:



And this is a good idea. Or do both. Put both sides' reasons and conclude the answer! Maybe even get others to remix it to vote!


Hmm lazy lizard you told her to do that




yea.. I agree. its not that we don't like ur topic, its just that we don't want u to get flagged!!! ;u;


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Why ask lol


Can you rephrase that? I don't quite understand what message you are trying to get to me. Thanks! :slight_smile:


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yea dat confused me too not to join in lol


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I'm allowed to bring my phone to school.


So can I and she knows that mines a android


You like robot! So do I my username is icemario436


I dont know.

Dont use it in class I goose


Actually, @Liza said they wouldn't be so strict about things relating to the forums anymore.


Wot? :flushed:

Why would you...?


I will now add to the confusion of what Liza said. :P


Why can't you bring it? Just put it in your backpack on silent. I don't have pockets, but most of the boys just carry them in their pockets.