Should you be able to view followers on hopscotch?



I don't know how to make a voting thing so this will do x3

Anyway as you can tell by the title should you be able to see followers?

Following icon!
How to Check Your Number of Followers

I agree with you! ☆:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:


True, but some people complain because they actually worry about popularity. Before, hopscotch had the number of a person's followers on their profile, but it was gotten rid of almost a year ago.


Wow! Really!?! I never knew that!


Omg... I agree completly.. And you are... OMG!!! @IShallNotBeNamed :scream::scream::scream: faints


Um, okay...
But, I do follow you.


Sorry! I am a big big fan and I have never seen you on here!


Before my year on my recent account, I had another and believe me, things changed! All, in all, for the better, but there are things I miss, like the number of branches and the appearance (which was the total opposite of now).


Thanks, and yes, I have never posted until today. Also, I just adore your code and creativity!


@IShallNotBeNamed your art and projects are amazing!


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Hey I Shall Not Be Named! Welcome to the forum! I love your projects and the support you give to me :slight_smile:

As for the follower count:
Maybe have an option to keep it private or public?
This way people won't complain TOO much about their followers, but in the case a popular person leaves their followers public, people might start becoming angry.

I for one am DYING to see the stats on my profile only because I want to prove my cousin wrong who has been making sure I notify him every time I get a follower XD


I just sometimes feel like people are on Hopscotch to make other people be jealous. Sometimes people brag about how they have so many followers. I think that is why the app does not show it. @OrangeScent1 I totally agree with your opinion. But, Sometimes I would just like to see who liked my projects. Like in the forum when you tap on "Likes" it shows you who liked it


There was a spelling mistake

I had to edit


I agree, how else will we be able to see how many followers we have. (^∇^)


That's what people do when you like their project or start following them. And I'm like, "Seriously, people?".

I agree, who follows me?


REALLY???how long ago ive been on since 2014 and i didnt see it


Yeah, I Used To Have An Account Named FrostFire When Hopscotch Was Still Like That. So Much Has Changed! It's Remarkable, Really.


The number was beside the "follow" button, or was it on the button? Well, I got hopscotch in the end of 2014, but my account was deleted by my brother in February 2015, and that's when I got my current account.


Remember the old appearance, it was hard for me to forget it, and for those who didn't have the app then, you can see it in the old videos in the create tab.