Should you be able to change names on the fourm



I always wonder how different the fourm would be if we were able to change names. Like I understand why we cant. If people try to tag you, the tag would no longer work. It would get confusing. And all other stuff like that. But there’s also ways that could be resolved. Say someone changes there name, hopscotch can send a alert to whoever has ever taged them in a post, or just make an announcement for everyone. And on the persons account, you could put “Previously know as-“ and list all there past names. I understand it’s not just that easy, but still. I made a poll to see people’s opinion on it.

  • Yes we should be able to change names
  • We should be able to change names every few months
  • We should never be able to change names.

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You can already change your name


@Kayro Really? How? I know basically nothing about the fourm.


You can do that when you are new, I think. I could have voted for changing usernames, but as they break up tags (for example, if you changed your name to “PikachuPotato”, these wouldn’t change to your new name: @Potato_Pikachu), it is not good to change your username too often.

If you would be able to change your name, I think that maybe once a year would be a good idea. Individual name changes could be done by emailing THT at (I think) or by simply tagging @Ana.


Ok. Thanks. I agree with the one year thing.


Actually, a recent forum update made name changes effect previous tags. (For example, you can find a few posts from November 2016 saying @petrichor)


how do u add that little thing in front of your name @petrichor???


It’s a custom title, you have to earn it somehow. (Through winning a challenge or something)
It’s like the reg badge, you can display it next to your name whenever. (I think it’s somewhere near the PFP setting in preferences)


That is great! But does it work for all tags though?


Yeah. I’m pretty sure it does


Wow! Now this would be really cool!


I actually have changed my username before. It is not the best idea to make the feature available to the public, because I think that it could cause a whole series of problems with tagging, that @William04GamerA mentioned in his response.

If you would like to change your username, try emailing Liza or Ana. Let them know you want to change it, why you want to change it (this is important, you must give a sufficient reason) and what you want to change it to. Be specific!! They will probably switch it for you!!!


Ok thanks! I really don’t know if I want to change my name, and if I do, what I would even change it to. So don’t expect it to change anytime soon.