Should we have polls on Hopscotch?



Ok,so you know how we all know how there is an option to make polls on the forum. There is a way to make polls on Hopscotch (e.g Like if yes,Remix if no) but that could potentially clog up Newest,Following and Trending. So,should we use the same poll-system we have in the forum on Hopscotch?

No offence and I don’t wish to be rude.

Clog the forum? Practice what you preach. You don’t have any coded projects either.

Yes,people often do this ‘like if yes,play if no’ things. They do clog up the app,but how will the make automated polls? If there was a comment section,this problem can be solved.


Like on YouTube or any social media, you an make a post so your followers can see what you are up too, (or polls) without having to make a entire project to answer a yes or not question


idk how that would work. projects to my knowledge cannot save data after you’ve exited therefore poll numbers wouldn’t be displayed on the original project and people can’t “input” anything into them.
I’ve only seen COAN’s project with project restart and it did work (which was super cool) but it wasn’t 100% accurate
also they have already clogged up newest following and trending so we can’t really do anything about it :frowning:


they’re talking about your beloved hs


As others have said, I don’t know how that would work. I feel like MORE than polls, we need other things on Hopscotch. I was just thinking this-- it would be great to have a bio option on Hopscotch, just like we have here. It would also be great to have moderated comments. I think taking the suggestions of your peers are very important. If someone wanted an opinion via poll, they may as well come here… they don’t need Hopscotch for that.


Oh yeah! That would be nice too!


I agree with @the_dancer. This is not a bad idea though.


Like I probably said before,I do code.

Sure,most of them are very projects,but I do code. So don’t say I don’t.
idk why I bothered writing all this but I woN’T stAnD fOr tHiS cR.uEL inJusTicE