Should we have HEX colors in Hopscotch?



First and foremost, if you don't know what HEX colors are, go here. Tap the blue text to go to the website.
(It's Wikipedia, but it must be right, right? It's just HEX colors XD)


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It would be really nice if we could have HEX colors. It would make color choice more precise and spot-on. Also, HEX colors are the most popular way of translating colors by coding, so if we need to code a trail art or pixel art, when we use this website, we can transfer the colors easier. Typing the numbers would be easier. It would take less time typing the color code out than typing numbers and then tapping on a box and typing and tapping on a box... to straightforward typing. The block should be the same color as the HSB and RGB ones, and should have the "HEX#", or "#" to replace the "HSB" and "RGB" text.
Thanks for reading and I really hope we have HEX color blocks soon!


Also, is there any way of making a new topic tag for adding blocks? Thanks!


Yeah that's a great idea!


That's an amazing idea :D

since I know some BBCode, I am familiar with this

I know some websites having to do with HEX that are useful!


Thanks, guys!


Good idea! I guess CYMK should also be added at the same time, so everyone is happy.

@DECODECO the OMTL you posted is outdated. You should delete it temporarily so people don't get annoyed. I'll try to find you the most recent version you can use.


CMYK? You don't need the K part, this isn't a printer XD
But I like the idea as well! :D


Uhh... okie.
I thought it was, wasn't it?


Nope. I'm not in it, I used to be in the newer OMTL. I think


The official topic got removed. I don't know where you got that one. I will make a new one later


Yeah, that's why I went to find someone posting one.. *smacks lips*


XD I think you misunderstood me. Just reverse the first sentence, there.




Ok yes It is HEX but I feel like RGB and HSB are better. If u ever try writing HTML it uses RGB not HEX and HSB is what makes a bunch of color wheels in drawing apps such as Adobe Illustrator


Yeah. HEX color codes are easier to find online that HSB and RGB. We would need less converting. This is an amazingly good idea! Thanks for sharing this.


Yes. There is more of a variety and easier to find, and definitely more appealing to look at if you can find them easier!


Interesting suggestion. But I think HEX colors are complicated to handle. They're easy to copy paste, but hard to modify.


That's a cool idea.
Should we have them?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I'm not sure


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Ohh now when you say that about modifying them, I can see that too – with RGB and HSB, you can use variables in each of the 3 channels and change them mathematically.

HEX uses a different base too (we use decimal base, based on ten, but HEX uses hexadecimal base, based on sixteen.)

And HEX is basically the same as RGB. But I can see what people mean about using converters, particularly if you have a lot of colours. I was thinking about suggesting using colour pickers that have HSB or RGB equivalents, but I also use some colour resources that have the colours in HEX – although I don't find it too much of a bother to convert hehe :slight_smile: but I can understand.


I guess that HEX combines RGB in one whole tag, so I think that might be harder to code than separate numbers that THT can code. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


converting hex to rgb is very easy, therefore needing seperate hex colors shouldnt be neccessary. i can see why you would want this, but really, the effort to me doesnt seem like its worth it.