Should we have a ignore button? (Poll)

I really want a ignore button, it’s where if you go to someone’s account and press the “ignore” button, that means the person you ignored can’t remix your projects! It would put a stop to b-ullying. If you don’t agree press the no button and don’t reply why.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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I feel like it could go both ways, so I voted maybe. It could stop people from being mean, but what if they decided to make up? If the bully didn’t know the victim in real life, there would be no way to reply and make up. An ignore button might be able to stop it from happening in the first place though…

If an ignore button was added, I think it should go farther than just stopping people from remixing your projects. The bully could just create their own projects and get it around Hopscotch. I think the ignore button, if it were possible, should block all the projects they make too.


It maybe used to stop b-ullying, but it can also cause b-ullying because someone could use it in a mean and bad way.


Maybe we can have it so it is not openly possible, but if you tell the Hopscotch Team they can do it for you. That way ignoring only gets used responsibly because the HT can look at your and the other person’s projects to see if it is necessary.


That is a good idea, @CreativeCoder!


One problem: what about the people who are annoying to you but not mean?! What about that??

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I voted no for a few reasons:

  • you phrased you second last part of your sentence wrongly, and the logic is that b ullying cannot be stopped completely, there WILL still be b ullying cases.
  • people might ignore someone who is nice and not annoying, and that might make the person feel bad, and make him/her think that his/her projects is bad.

@t1_hopscotch, @Liza, @Ian, or someone else can you remove this topic now everyone doesn’t like me at all

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And I’m telling you guys. If you want me to go away, then fine. its not my fault, you can’t stand my ideas.

Don’t worry. People still like you! :smile:


@Ihasfluffycupcakes people don’t want you to go away. We can all disagree and share our ideas through the forum, but our ideas don’t have to be the same. @comicvillestudios is simply saying what he/she thinks about ignore buttons.

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If people disagree that means they don’t like my idea :confused:

No way! People disagree not because of that your idea is terrible. They disagree ideas because, well, for many reasons. Everyone faces rejection.

I just had a school talk a couple days ago about handling rejection. It’s okay to be rejected whether or not it was your teacher or your friend, maybe your parents too.

The thing here is that maybe in the first place, you should have think deeper before posting this topic/poll.
What I said was true, the one about making people feel bad, that should probably be one of your first thoughts.

Rejection of an idea doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. Because, not everyone will accept an idea, because we all have different mindsets. No one is perfect anyways.


Nobody will ever get 100% of people to agree with them. Everyone has rejected ideas sometimes, but that doesn’t mean people don’t like you the person. Some people will always want an ignore button and some people will always be against it. Life is full of disagreements, but we can all still be friendly and kind.


This may be offensive to some but it’s true…

Life is unfair.


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