Should we have a Easter party? Can you open?


Hey @staff and @moderators should we have a Easter party? I understand it's differnt religion but I think for the people who are Christian it would be fun! Thanks! From the fluffy bear


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Liza wants the minimal amount of parties, so we're limiting it to: New Years, Hopscotch Anniversaries, and Christmas.


Okay! But one thing what about super bowl? That was the funniest ever!


That was created against moderators/admins decisions.


We did have a christmas party (of which I do not approve of) which is a major Christian holiday, but celebrating a minor one like easter... i don't know


Christmas is more so of gift giving in the Hopscotch world!


Just wondering, could we do Super Bowl instead of Thanksgiving/Fourth of July?


4th of July? Why?
Other than the fact HS HQ is in the US, of course...
Because then there would probably be much more NY things...
And US Thanksgiving, right? Not Canada or any other country with a different Thanksgiving date?


A bunch of people considered it a big holiday so I added it, but now that you say it, Thanksgiving and 4th of July, shouldn't be a needed forum party. 3 is already a lot!


I think this is a GREAT idea! But I wouldn't recommend doing this on Hopscotch because it would exclude people, which is against the rules. I would if I could!


We have a christmas party, which is a religous holiday so...


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Yeah... Christmas...

I feel left out really... But majority (no offense) in this community is Christians...



Muslims in this community...

Never mind... Ill just celebrate Ramadan with my friend IRL.



Easter is for my religion, I'm a Cristian. Please don't judge me, ok?


If you really wanted to, you could convert yourself to Christian! Honestly, it's one of the best out there in my humble opinion! :smile:

Don't worry, I won't interfere with your beliefs. Just sayin'. :yum:




I Agree! 202022020202


Don't worry! I'm not Christian either, nor am I religious, but I still celebrate Christmas!


Hey, lets not go there. This is a pretty edgy topic in the first place, his beliefs are his beliefs.


Let's do that! I am Christian so it will be fun