Should we delete the OMTL?


About a month ago we lost our moderators. They as you know created the Offical Mass Tag List. (OMTL) As time passed by, people used it and used it. We can't exactly moderate and who added who during the OMTL. Also many people were making their own tag lists now, which is not allowed. Now your probably asking

Well because of the false usage, and the continuation of the false uses keep occurring. The OMTL is just now a single tag list of people, which it's not supposed to be. Now because of lack of moderators we can't see who does what to the tag list and the repeated false usage of it. We should either destroy the OMTL and the idea itself or we shouldn't.

  • Remove the OMTL
  • Don't remove the OMTL


Votes are public.


There is search history if you press the pencil in the righthand corner

No, I don't think we should delete omtl


Agree with @TheGreenBanana


I think we should just use it less. Like only when really needed.


Agreed with @Madi_Hopscotch_


I can see who edits it


Plz remove it. It gets too annoying. Even though I am not on it, it gets over used.


I don't think it should be removed…


ikr you end up getting notifications for it like every hour or something


Agree with @TheGreenBanana as well.


Photobomb! Don't worry, I didn't do anything bad. I just removed my name.


I like this topic because I think that it's a good argument and something should get done about it, not that I agree with it. I don't think that the OMTL should be removed because people use them in topics that should get noticed. I do agree that it does get overused, and we can fix that. Besides, @PopTart0219 get notifications if someone edits the list and users can view the edit history.


Am I alowed to join the omtl? Lots of people say that you can self edit and join...


Of corse you can !! Go ahead !!


How do you add yourself?????


You go into the topic and at the bottom , click on the little pencil !

The link above is where you need to go to do this !