Should We Change Our Profile Picture? Finished, Our Profile Picture Is Now Baby Cat



I just wanted to ask a question: Should we change our profile picture? This one could get old. Please vote below.



Reviving this topic, need more votes.


Awwwww those cats are soooo cute!


Thanks! They're our pets. Darn, glitchy forum.


You're so lucky that you have adorable pets! The forum is really glitchy as well


Yeah, the website had to automatically reload. Then every second I typed a letter, the text I typed was visible, then invisible. Glitchy.


I like it the way it is! Thats how I remember you


Reviving this topic yet again, need as much votes as possible.


Reviving this topic, people need to know what option won.


Eew, please delete that picture ASAP!


Sorry :sweat_smile: I should've checked if you found that sort of thing cute :confounded:


It's okay, just most people get grossed out when someone posts an up-close picture of a bug.


Someone said this before, but it looks kinda like a chicken from a distance XD

It's a cute cat though


Right...okay, I won't do it again :pensive: Just I think it is very cute....


Yeah, actually, I never knew that. Hmm. Guess it's the angle. Oh, yeah, @CreativeCoder, my hand looks like a chicken's head.


May want to put it in a dropbox next time you do it, for the people who would get grossed out.