Should we bring back kid leaders and mods


This is j a question
Ik there r topics abt this but those were from a while ago

Think abt it, a lot of mods left (didn’t Rodrigo quit hs or something?) And the mods that are still here aren’t v active (can’t blame them bc they have real jobs)
So shouldn’t we have kid leaders that are active??

Imagine this… something rly bad happens. Regulars can only do so much. Yes they can put the topic in lounge but what if the bad person was a regular ?? Then they can keep on causing trouble.

Comment what u think…


  • Yes
  • No
  • It depends

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Should we bring kid leaders back


If you get flagged a certain amount of times, you lose regular

I figured out a way to “nuke” topics recently, and it made a topic essentially blocked
But then we told Discourse about it and they fixed it up

I also figured out how to make the layout on the “newest” extremely buggy, so we told discourse about that too and they fixed it

Other than that, the only thing that someone can do is spam tag the OMTL, but you can easily remove yourself from it.

The only thing close to something extremely bad is the xse situation, and the only thing we can do is flag him, ignore him, and contact THT. (Except he keeps on creating new accounts so idk)

Otherwise, if someone does something terrible that makes the forum wonky, we usually report it to discourse. But this has ever happened yet.

But I do think community leaders would be great
The only thing is that it creates competition because a ton of people want to be a leader, and only a few can be that responsible (Apparently, it’s super tough work yikers)


Hey @JonnyGamer! Well. Ok so yes I think the idea is good. And yes it’s a great idea. Although. What if they abuse it?


Well it’s gotta be someone trustworthy


Makes sense. But WHAT IF ITS Alt…,.,.,.,??? cough cough xse


Oop, yeah, just edited my posto

If THT were to elect leaders, they’d have to spend time checking who is responsible to do it. Thankfully, all of the leaders back in 2016 were pretty neato and didn’t cause havoc



But I mean it would be someone who had been on the forum for a long time

Not xse


I’ve been on for a year. I’m trustworthy and young.



They were good idk y she demoted them
It made all of them leave besides @Anonymous


She said something like that is was getting really tough for them, and technically we can all be leaders. Hang on, I made a topic a few weeks ago, let me pull it up


Yeah, here we go:

Community Leaders on the Forum


I think I’m trustworthy. But I also think there’s more people then me


Lol this all happened to me


Aw man that’s too bad, sorry bro :/

With leaders, they’d be able to undo people’s flags if they were spam flags


I’m a kid I’m trustworthy I can be annoying IRL and I’m not regular :neutral_face:


I meant to write i am a kid nvm I edited it thanks @JonnyGamer


You can edit a post by clicking the little pencil tool at the bottom of one of your posts. (If it doesn’t work, I can give you some pics)


Yeha but like we need the powers don’t we??


Yeah, we really do since THT is rarely active

Oh well