Should we be rethinking how many custom titles are being given out?

DISCLAIMER: It may seem like I’m purposefully singling out people in this post, but just so we’re all on the same page, I’m not trying to single people out or point fingers at anyone so hold your flags!

I’ve been wanting to state my opinion on this matter for a while and I thought now was a great time to do so, considering applications for leader will open again soon and the summer contest is well under way, so if this topic could stay open, that’d be great :+1:t2:. Thanks guys!

Custom Titles: What are they and what is my opinion on them?

Most people have heard of custom titles and pretty much everyone knows what they are and how to get one (if you don’t know though, this topic covers the basics on what you need to know really well :+1:t2: ). However, in recent months, the amount of custom titles has increased heavily, to the point where about 1 in every 7 or 8 people on this forum has one*, which is pretty insane!
* calculated based off the top 100 people who have visited the forum from the 21st to the 28th of June

Personally, I feel like custom titles have been given out too readily within the last 6 months. They’re becoming more common, and less elusive like they used to be, resulting in a lot more users wanting said custom titles. People who have only joined the forum in more recent months are getting them, causing users who’ve been active for a longer amount of time to become somewhat frustrated that people who have joined after them are getting better perks. It’s like rewarding new users for just being new on the site — which isn’t all that great and worthwhile in my opinion.

Anyway, this whole post probably seems very biased by this point, and I don’t blame you for thinking that if you do! That’s why I decided to survey the people with custom titles about their custom titles, to try and prove to you all that this problem is really something we should be focusing on right now :)

The Survey (if you’re interested in reading about it in more detail)

Background Info:

Out of all the 100 accounts who have visited within the last week (being the 21st to 28th of June), 12 of these people had custom titles, which were the people tagged to take part in this survey.

I asked these 12 people 3 simple questions about their custom titles:

  • How long they’ve had their custom title for

  • How they got their custom title (like was it from a competition, etc.)

  • If they’ve had their custom title changed since receiving it


Out of the 12 people tagged to take part, 9 people actually managed to fill in the polls with the 48 hours given to them! (There were 11 people who clicked on the polls overall but two users managed to ‘accidentally’ click all 3 polls :eyes:).

Two-thirds of the people who took part in the survey gained their custom titles within the last 6 months. This was mainly due to applying for leader, with only one person who got their custom title within the last 6 months having gotten it from a competition.

The remaining third have had their custom titles for a range of 1 to 3 years. This statistic came from people placing in the top 3 in a variety of contests and one person, who was a leader back in 2016 (hopefully that isn’t singling anyone in particular out :no_mouth:)

As for the final poll, most people hadn’t had their custom titles changed, so that’s a good thing! We had three people who had had their custom titles changed and this came from a variety of reasons, such as winning another contest or asking a mod to change it for them (probably because they got bored of it I can only assume)

So what did I learn from the survey?

for those of you who can’t be bothered reading my long-winded explanation ;)

The amount of people with custom titles on this forum has increased by about 66% (two-thirds!) within the last year. This statistic mainly comes from the large amount of people who applied to be leader at the start of 2019. Although this seems somewhat alarming, there’s nothing to be worried about because accounts with custom titles still make up about 12-13% of currently active users.

Most people have had no need to change their custom titles over the course of having them and that’s great! There should be no need to change your custom title once you have it :+1:t2:

So how can we change up the amount of custom titles given out to users?

(Note: These are just my thoughts on what we can do. I’m no expert at this so feel free to let me know what you think as well!)

  • Don’t give out custom titles to people who apply for leader once applications open again later this year. As great as it is to acknowledge their efforts in trying, it’s not completely worth it in the end.

  • Somewhat adding on to the point above, don’t give out ‘helper’ or ‘supporter’ titles. As much as they’re great to acknowledge what a great person the user is on the forum, many of these users are already regular and have access to the regular title, which when new people join, they would assume that the regulars are people to trust with how the forum works (considering they’re active quite regularly).

  • Giving our custom titles to users who win contests is great and should definitely keep going! However, limiting it to only a few competitions a year and not allowing people to change their custom title when’s winning another competition would make the whole idea better, and more fair.

Of course, I don’t want to strip people who currently have custom titles of their titles. They worked hard to get them and I don’t want to be responsible if they get removed from people’s accounts! These are just some things worth keeping in mind about how they’re given out and hopefully, maybe there’ll be some change happening around here soon.

So, what do you think (poll):

  • Yes! This is definitely worth keeping in mind and I agree with everything you have to say!

  • Umm, most things are pretty good but I feel some things could be a bit different

  • Nope. I don’t like this idea one bit!

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Anyway, thoughts anyone?

EDIT: They’ve announced some new stuff in relation to custom titles which might be worth discussing here.


I wanted to put this post on wiki so I could make adjustments to it in the future but I forgot they removed that ability whoops.

So if a leader views this, can we put the top post on wiki please, thanks :))


Most points are pretty good. I got the application title a few months back, but I’ve been around for a while and have made several contributions

“Supporter” and “helper” were the choice of titles of apps.

I think the only competition for titles is the summer contest winner or winners




You can edit posts forever now


Thanks Fea!

@awesome_e yea I get that. Some people have the different custom titles they got from applying for leader that weren’t necessarily the helper or supporter titles so I guess I was kinda confused lol.
also, thanks for the tip, I was unaware that was a thing now :+1:t2:


Hello people I guessed correctly lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My thoughts are that some of your ideas are a bit… “exaggerated?”… I’m not trying to be mean or anything, I’ll try to say it in the best way possible k? Ok… ahh maybe your thoughts on tittles being too important or that stuff… I mean they are just text besides your name… it’s not a big deal, maybe they are somehow special, but not that much… just my thoughts tho


Yea lol ig. I do sound pretty biased in this situation (which i literally acknowledge in the post) but yea, I get your point :+1:t2:


CTs are and almost always have been a super special thing.
I remember in 2016 when there were too many being given out that they had to take a lot of them away. I personally don’t want that to have to happen again, and imo, if you just rethought how they were being given out now and using some of Madsie’s suggestions, we might be able to prevent that from happening again.


Does it really matter?


What if titles were only offered to people who made it to round 2 of leader applications?
(Assuming THT is going to use the same application system as they did earlier this year for the next leader applications.)


Well yeah, those where my opinions though


Does this include the “Regular”, “Leader”, and “:shield:” CTs*?

*Custom titles

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Those are by trust level, they don’t count as custom

My bad, didn’t read the full post.

This topic is only about custom titles


Yeah, but they are still custom titles.

Note: Anyone with :shield: is still TL4, but they’re a special leader; a moderator (mod) or administator (admin).

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Custom means you can choose exactly.

“Regular” and “Leader” are options in a dropdown, and the shield is automatic.

Those are titles. You can stop :raised_hand:



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No cuz those are automatic based on to or staff status
Those dont count as custom


yea thanks for that fea :))

@tankt2016, ur idea’s not a bad suggestion? It could work but then if multiple people manage to get through round 2 bc the mods have trouble deciding than we have the same problem with too many of them — if you get what I mean

@Cocoa_Viola I was only talking about the custom custom titles. Not like the ones you get when u hit reg or anything (those imo should be kept around bc they’re a nice added bonus for a new trust level)