Should we be on HS more than the HF?



Ok before I start, I sometimes do this

People are just on the forum
But not on hopscotch


what's the forum about


So should we?

Private poll

  • Yes
  • No


Non private poll

  • Yes
  • No


Votes are public.


I've been spending too much time on HF compared to HS. I'm going to start coding more!




Yes we should.


I think it's up to yourselves. It depends on how you feel. Everyone has different schedules and times.


I said no, since there must be an even balance of both if you want to be a good member of both. Being on the forum would increase knowledge of the app, while being on Hopscotch gives you more experience with the app. :slight_smile:

I agree with this point as well. What if my school iPad had Safari, but not Hopscotch?


Yes we should! I'm trying my best to balance my forum posting with coding on HS!


I would be more on HS if I actually worked on things


I'm inactive on Hopscotch, so I use the forum way more than the app.