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@CreationsOfaNoob I’m trying to make a gradient background that loads as fast as your for a game I am creating. When checking out your project, I understand all of the code except what the value CNr.

I found no place that sets the value of CNr to anything. Therefore, the first cloned object would set its speed to the value of a default value (which is zero). Am I missing something? What does this work?


Maybe it’s a hidden block, like the WaitTilTimestamp one?
It also looks like it’s CINr, which probably makes no difference.


Good question!
That project is from before Clone Index and self variables were added. The ClNr variable is a replacement for Clone index (ClNr = Clone number).
Each clone sets their speed (which works as a self variable) to ClNr, then increases ClNr by 1. So the first clone will have speed = 0, the next will have speed = 1 and so on.

In the places where the code references the Speed attribute, such as in the set position, you can replace it with Clone Index.


@Petrichor @Awesome_E @CreationsOfaNoob, what software do you guys use to edit Hopscotch .json files?


Or whatever it is


Notepad ++

Edit: Actually, two things: to prettify it (make readable) and then edit with Notepad ++




A python script to pretty print and apples basic text editor. Sometimes I’ve used Atom while coding something else.


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How do you convert it into a python script?


Yes, I actually do. Like helping you solve your query. This guy must be a 9yr old or something.

(Also, in case Gobli plans on using this as a non-code-related post. This is dealing with a software issue and is therefore allowed.)


I don’t do that anymore


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Hey, what do you think of the spinning Effect I made, but @Hopscotcher did it first
Is there any way to improve it?
@Yusamac205 I know your good with code, so can you tell me if there’s a way to make it smoother or better or anything.
This is code related btw


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