Should we add a remix tab to Hopscotch? -Yusamac's GT 👨🏾‍💻



is this your school ipad? because the “Duolingo” and the “HSF” makes it an school ipad.


No. I like learning Chinese and HSF is a shortcut to the forum that I put there for convenience.


cool. you have geometry dash? Lets play via between each other.

Me vs you.


I mean “hopstoch”.


No, I actually should be sleeping right now.


Its PM, not AM.


Almost AM :rofl::sleeping:


To me, it’s PM.


I was just on the phone with a Comcast agent because apparently, I couldn’t order services online like everyone else. It turned out that I knew more than the agent did and had to walk her through the steps twice…

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Duolingo is a free app
And hsf stands for Hopscotch Forum
That’s handy honestly


What’s a Comcast agent


Comcast is where we get our internet and phone service from. The definition of agent in this case is someone who gives help and information regarding a company (or something’s like that, look up agent for a better definition)


I know what an agent is, I just don’t know what Comcast is.
Sorry I’ve never heard of it


They also own the NBC network, Dreamworks studio, and Universal Studios.


What I’ve heard of those though
Also thanks that’s interesting


Have any game ideas by the way
I think I should code a new game
My coding skill isn’t too high though o can’t do games like magmaPOP and you can do


You could join us on our quest to be the first to make a Hopscotch chess game.


I’m not good with stuff like that, I don’t think I could do much. Unless you gave me some pointers on how to do some of the stuff…?
Sorry I’m not a very good coder yet


My only advice is become very good at values and object position.


That doesn’t sound hard actually though it would take some time