Should we add a remix tab to Hopscotch? -Yusamac's GT 👨🏾‍💻



Yeah, I know… It will probably not be approved (LOL). Also, my GT may be closed soon…


Why is that?


Well, Ana may consider this topic to controversial and mature…


Will you help me with something?
Do you consider yourself someone who is quite familiar with the Bible?


Sue… I guess…


Donald trump is the heart and soul of the American media please do not say or type his name with disgust because you will be flagged


Was that made as a joke?


did you read it or not?


I mean, a little bit…


Yep, it wasn’t approved… Great… I seriously do not want to rewrite that long thing…


Please rewrite it or at least summarize it because I’m actually interested this time as how other people have perverted the Christia.n faith


@Ana, I accidentally published a project with images (didn’t know that was possible till today). I unpublished, but I just want to make sure that doing so didn’t glitch the approval system.


This is my home screen:

Share your home screen and we could compare.


I didn’t hear about Ken Ham’s campaign, but it sounds awesome!


I know right! He has t-shirts and is lighting up the ark with rainbows every night.


Oh my goodness. That’s like the best home screen ever. I see chess! What’s your opinion on stalemate?
Duolingo, Stack the States, and Paper i.o. are some of the best apps ever.

This is my phone:

My phone has some of my favorite games on it, but my iPad has like the best apps.


Sounds cool. Too bad that I have had bad experience with Answers in Genesis text books.


You have too? I really do… The science textbooks.


Yeah. With the Properties of Atoms and Molecules one (I think, maybe Properties of Matter, but I think my first instinct is correct), they confused solute and solvent.


LOL, yeah, I read the lesson, and then I look up the topic online and actually learn it. :joy: