Should we add a remix tab to Hopscotch? -Yusamac's GT 👨🏾‍💻




As long as they don’t make me announce my name in front of the whole class on my first day because I WILL refuse to…


I would not only say my name, but would also include a fun little joke as an ice-breaker.


My name is (name here).
Promise you’ll remember me.
(Say you promise. It’s a joke. ; D )


If it’s less than 1k nzd, my money for it


Actually, it would be more like,

Hey! My name is (name here)
I have been sentenced to one school year here with you, obviously to have fun.


sooper high pitched voice
Eye pwomise ey well wemember yoour nyame (Name here)


No, it’s a joke.
Person 1: Promise you’ll remember me.
Person 2: I promise.
Person 1: Knock-knock.
Person 2: Who’s there?
Person 1: You promised you’d remember me!

But yeah, one-liners would probably be better.


Yeah, I am not taking that bet. I am thinking $749 USD for an iPad (that is $1146.49 NZD)


Wishful thinking I know. What do you reckon?


I seriously think lowest price for iPad will be $749 USD…


Oh sorry didn’t see that, I thought you were commenting on the price I thought

That would be nice, I could stomach it


I mean, high school classes are required. Do you mean enrolling you in them somewhere?


Yeah, it would. Here is EverythingApplePro’s perspective:


They are? I just thought that you just needed to learn the stuff you would learn in High School.


I mean, to graduate, you have to have the required credits, so yeah, you just have to learn it I reckon. You’re not required to actually go to a class room or anything. You just have to keep track of your transcript.

I’m working towards three credits rn.


10/10 want that edge to edge goodness


Yeah! Bring it on! Face ID should be faster…


Right, now I’m annoyed

1.4k? Wth


I doubt I could save that much if I wanted to


Why? I am also annoyed since I am sick and today I have to go to school tomorrow by force since I will have an exam and my parents are like “Nope exam first, you will be fine…!”. ¬_¬