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I know I just skimmed all of it but it seems to say more about understanding who intersex people are and that you should still be kind to them and that’s great but um. how does that answer my question.


it’s sad how there was more discussion about it below that line


A paragraph towards the bottom says:

Practically speaking, this means that we – as the Hands and Feet of Christ – are called to help intersexuals carry this “heavy yoke” and steward their assigned gender in a manner that glorifies God and, to the degree possible, reflects His created intent for human sexuality and gender.




“Steward their assigned gender”
In other words, work and stick with what gender you have been assigned.


I obviously can’t speak for intersex people but if they are intersex and they only find out later, why can’t they choose to stay as intersex and not the gender they were identified at birth as? idk if it would be harder to identify as intersex after living as male or female for their whole life, but they should have that choice. if we care so much about gender being what you biologically identify as, people should be able to choose to identify as being intersex when they learn that they’re not their birth assigned gender.

I’d add something about religion but it’ll probably offend every being on earth lol…


But of the definition of gender is limited to that which one is assigned at birth.


If you get assigned as a boy because the hospital guys sucked and you turned out to be a girl are you still a boy

#516 k-hermaphroditism/

This should answer most of your question. You may only need the very last section.

Btw, you’ll have to figure out how to get to the website by taking out the space before the k


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No, but dad thinks he might want to enroll me in some high-school classes next year

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