Should we add a remix tab to Hopscotch? -Yusamac's GT 👨🏾‍💻



“should we add a remix tab to hopscotch” is in the title


@TheCMStudios Continuing discussion from joystick topic.

Yeah, ignoring it is probs your best move.




I hate get shots, but I have to get them tomorrow.
I hate get shots, but I have to get them tomorrow.
I hate get shots, but I have to get them tomorrow.
I hate get shots, but I have to get them tomorrow. I get all light headed and feel woozy after them. I mean, I get they are there to protect you from diseases, but they are super annoying and I feel like this:

and the doctors are nice, but when they give the shots they seem like:


@LunaMorgana387 I know you are around here somewhere, come out come out wherever you are!


Yeah I am here! Hello!


Nobody start a flame war

Don’t know if you heard, but Trump is trying to get the definition of gender limited to what you are assigned at birth. I don’t think it will change much, but it’s a step in the right direction.



a flamey flamey flame war will indeed start

I will resist the urge to argue though since I don’t feel the need to start one

but what about intersex people? intersex people don’t always know that they are intersex right from when they’re born. they might only know when they start puberty. what happens then? will they be forced to remain as male or female?


You called?
Jk, , , I don’t really want to start an argument ://


Duh, yeah. Your gender is what you are biologically.


That’s awesome! I know Donald Trump is no savior, but he is the best president we’ve had in a while.


go trump!
that’s great




I can’t tell whether or not you are being sarcastic… Sorry, people are use kinda weird here and I have a little trouble understanding when they are or are not being sarcastic, this being a very tense issue and all…


i’m not, i like trump


Then happily you are not one of those sarcastic people who set up an emotional wall for these topics.


b u t
i n t e r s e x
p e o p l e
c a n
b e
i n t e r s e x
b i o l o g i c a l l y


:sob: :sob: :pensive: :sob: :cry: :sob: :expressionless::expressionless::tired_face::unamused:


seriously someone answer my question
if gender is what your sex is, then what about intersex people? they are, biologically, intersex, but sometimes it reveals itself only during puberty. just because they were revealed to be intersex after they were born doesn’t mean they are biologically male or female.

im not trying to start an argument about what the definition of gender is, i’m just asking, what do you think about this?